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What does Apple, an iDeathStar and an iSatellite have in common?

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It’s a great time to be alive.

Apple’s Own Satellite Network, Space Insurance, A Fully Operational Death Star! What I would give to see what the next 10 years will bring.

It has been proposed that Apple needs to produce a more expensive iPhone ( The idea behind this proposal is that Apple has made the iPhone SO mainstream that it is no longer a Quality-Differentiated product but rather a Volume product which makes profit based on Sales Volume rather than high margins.

It makes sense since Apple was a company which stood out based on its high quality Customer Service and High End products. Curiously, as its Founder and CEO took his company through his belief of “giving power to the masses”, he inadvertently made the company produce devices available to the general public. This made the iPhone mainstream as well as its iPad, products responsible for over 50% of its sales and profits! At the same time this made their OS more popular and as such, more vulnerable to hackers. Soon, the famous idea that macs don’t need antivirus become nothing more than a fleeting wish.

Finally it’s popularity may have driven quality control down the drain as devices begin to falter (home buttons, power buttons, LCDs) and its software was not left behind (Apple Maps). Now the company is passed on to a CEO who has always focused on Operational efficiency, as that is what he was entrusted to do in the first place. However the pressure to innovate is higher than ever as more competitors enter the marketplace.

As demand for Apple products surges, both QC pressures as well as Innovation pressures mount over a CEO who so far has not had much to show for either. Thus the theory that Apple needs to go back to producing a high end, top quality product which focuses it back on the road of fewer, richer customers instead of massive amounts of windows-like users.

Apple needs a new product to drive its product offering into a niche market again. Yes a new product such as a more expensive iPhone could do the trick. A shiny new service however could also work wonders. How about a space project? Some have proposed a Death Star ( Why not? iDeathStar? Or iSatellite?

The US has the best space program in the world, at least right now. The Chinese, Europeans and Russians are biting their heels. Its something the US has excelled at and other have failed so far. It’s engrained in the American way of thinking, doubling and tripling up on everything. It has led the US this far and now they are losing everything (jobs, money, ideas) to their competitors oversees. As suggested in this article (, the US is in the unique position to offer their greatest service to humanity so far. The iDeathStar would be a perfect coalition of ideas. Or what about Apple’s own iSatellite?

Apple has a load of cash and some of the best technological engineers on the planet. The US has the unique knowledge. What better combination to save the US economy, save the planet and save the human race! 🙂



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