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USA, NASA, Mars Exploration & Global Recession

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Did anyone read this?


The US is in dire straits indeed. Once the beacon of innovation, freedom to create and quality standards creator, the USA has now taken a backseat…all the way to the back, behind developing countries who mass produce anything the USA produces faster, cheaper and without so many obstacles.


The USA spent the last decade automating every one of there production processes, not as a means of cutting costs so much as a means of improving quality control of their final products. Along came China with a huge starving workforce and put the US machines out of business.


US employees are highly productive but quality controls and export politics slow down the produce-export machinery. The USA is a country of honest people and hard workers that respect the detail to their jobs for the sake of respect, not because of the laws. Developing countries have a workforce which has to be controlled in order to produce a high quality product. The end result is an economy that produces faster and has fewer steps towards exporting than does the USA.


The US has so many agencies checking imports and exports it really slows the economy down. As efficient as checkpoints are, there are always delays. Think about how many compliances an exporter or importer in the USA must meet just for the Dept of Homeland Security, not to mention FDA, Customs, BATF etc. Not to mention the human rights groups.


Long gone are the days when the USA was the factory of the world. A service economy is fine, but it won’t solve unemployment issues, internal debt issues, deficit issues, medicare issues etc. There is a large population in the USA who cannot solve their labor, credit, health and education problems unless the economy provides for them in someway.

If you consider 100% of the workforce stretched from one side, the white collar workers to the other side, the blue collar workers; the USA has lost a great deal of jobs right in the middle of that spectrum. Now they have immigrants taking up the bottom, blue collar part of the spectrum and a very small amount of people in the upper tier. So the only jobs left are the extremely white collar, service oriented jobs, most of which are stuck in R&D and the USA has no way of monetizing it. Kinda sounds like Facebook. Facebook has 500 million clients not buying anything at the moment. If they could just figure out how to sell something, anything! The USA is stuck in pretty much the same place. NASA’s Mars program is the perfect example of this. Its amazing! Who the heck would have thought we’d be planet hopping by now? No other country even comes close to this.

The amount of knowledge and not just knowledge:

(how to send a rover to mars)

but the mental-rational pre-emptive problem solving expertise engrained in NASA personnel:

(how to send a rover to mars and do it in such a way that we document every step along the way, recording parameters for just about anything, with double and triple backups in most cases, considering all the options and then some, paving the way to future missions while executing the current mission, overshooting goals and expectations in every way and all of this in the greatest of public scrutiny which directly impacts their operating budget every 4 years!)

OMG, if only the US government was 1/100th that efficient.


Well, that’s just it! The USA is sitting on a pot of gold. They just don’t know how or who to sell it to! How do you put a value on the space knowledge the USA has gained over the past 40 or so years!?

Could you sell insurance? World Space Knowledge Insurance which gives the countries the right to access ELE protection when the time comes?

Could you sell raw materials? Space mining will be quite profitable since the US was the first to get to Mars and the Moon and thus will probably be the first to get to other planets and moons, they can claim them as their own…just like ancient super powers claimed colonies and land all over the Earth way back when.

Could you sell the knowledge of how to get to a planet with the desired characteristics and how to populate that planet in the name of your own country should you desire to do so?

I dunno what the answer is, but whatever it is, the USA is sitting on something huge. I hope they stop bickering with the Chinese over cheap computer chips and patent infringements and set their sights much higher, high into the sky!

How do you think the USA could monetize their space knowledge?


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