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Repocrats & Demoblicans

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We are all born democrats.  Its almost like a phase of life.  Some grow out of it, some don’t.

Which is not to say growing out of it is a good thing.  The world needs democrats and republicans just as much as it needs pretty and ugly, good and evil…We all fit in somewhere in the big circle of life.  We all serve a purpose!

But it all made sense the other day when my older sister turned to me in the middle of a discussion and said to me:

“What happened to you?  The last time I remember, you were growing up just fine.  When did you turn republican!?”


My theory: “Everybody has a bit of both in them; republican and democrat.” 


We are all born democrats.  That is to say, we are all born with the notion that we must help others.  It is instilled in us by our parents; help your brother, go help your mother, can you please help me, help is good.  Its simply called being a good samaritan.  And thats pretty much what the democratic philosophy is based on; let’s help those in need.  Its a very warm and caring philosophy.  Much like the one you are raised with which is why its so appealing right?  We all need a little help some time, right?

We need help getting in daycare, throughout school and getting out of high school.  But then, you realize there are a lot of things you can do on your own.  The whole notion of independence comes into your life like a beacon of light…like lady liberty herself!  By the time college comes around, you start to notice that being independent is not only cool, but there are tons of independent guys out there, trying to make it out of the jungle college.  You start to notice an apple goes a long way in making your teacher be nicer to you.  You begin to realize being nice to friends can earn you explanation of subjects that are not your strong suit or at least rides to parties or bars.  All of a sudden it hits you!  No man is an island.

So now you go out and get a job.  You start working with other people and notice how bosses are “evil” and expect you to work more than play.  You find work etiquette grotesque because you are forced to work for such little pay.  You may even go as far as to criticize your job because he or she punish those who take a little longer to come back from lunch leaving someone else to fill in for them in the meantime.  You think: “Geez, how mean!  He was only late by 15 minutes and besides, she was covering for him in the meantime”.  Then you get your paycheck. You know that feeling when you get your first paycheck and you say to yourself:

“Wow, this is a lot of money!  Ill go buy an iPhone, an HDTV, an XBOX…”

Yes its a lot of money.  And up to now you have probably lived on your parents money so this is quite refreshing.  This is great, for a little while.  Then you realize you want more.  So you start working harder, making more money, you get a promotion perhaps!  Cool!  But working for someone else can only get you so far.  That’s when you turn republican!


This is the fork in the road.  Some people don’t want so much more.  And thats ok.  They believe they have enough and can live fine with that amount for a long time.  Others realize they cant earn more money unless they start their own business.  (Others decided to work for themselves a while back)  So when you do realize you want more independence, complete independence…or when you get married, have a family to support and are forced into realizing you NEED more to survive, you end up having to take care of your own money!  Invest, save, re-invest, spend, control and so on…This is what you need to do when it comes down to investing in your own idea, your own company.  You realize your money is worth a whole heck of a lot more than it was before.

This time you want workers to do a lot more during working hours.  You learn how a meritocracy works.  You learn to reward those who excel and punish those you waste your money by slacking on the job.  You start to realize:

“Hmm, maybe I don’t want everyone to get the same benefits as those who do more.  Why should Bob get equal pay when Suzie is never late from lunch and works extra on Saturdays!”

You realize you DO want to help people (a little bit of samaritan) but only if they want to help themselves! (meritocracy).  Why should you deny Suzie the opportunity to make it to the top or win more commissions if she works harder?  Yes Bob has a family to support, I should be a samaritan and not fire him…but Suzie would love to have a family, if only she could make enough as Bob.  Isn’t it also unfair to deny her the opportunity?

That’s when you start using words like results, opportunity, profitability, the greater good.  That’s when you become a republican 🙂


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One thought on “Repocrats & Demoblicans

  1. Nice thought process buddy! i really enjoyed the reading. Definitely refreshing!

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