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US…World Politics 2012 US Election

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Politics is not about liberals or conservatives. It’s not about who is right and who is wrong. If you think that; you are overlooking the real greater good of humanity. 

Politics, IMHO, is about picking the best person for the job, simple. And if that means putting your own interests aside in order to choose the guy who will not be so controversial that congress will “cock-block” every move he makes, so be it. 

Why? Because in the end, Dems and Reps do good and bad. There is no good and there is no bad party. The American public should not care about political color but rather who will get them a job, education or healthcare. 

Ever heard the phrase: “everyone is selling something”? Life is about sales; if you can’t sell yourself, people will buy someone else. If Dems have the key to healthcare that will solve all those problems, if they can’t sell it, it’s useless. If reps have the key to growing the economy but can’t convince congress, the idea is as good as no idea… 

If we can agree the end, not the means, in politics is the common good; we should agree on the fact that we need someone who will be able to implement whatever ideas they have…otherwise we will get another 4 years of the stats you yourself can see in the different government websites. 

Honduras had someone who could not sell it and “wanted a little more than a few years” and it caused the worst problem this country has ever seen, with repercussions way beyond the 4 years…

Whatever happens, I just hope the US gets back to the number 1 spot, where it truly belongs. It’s in all our best interests…


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