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Apple Revolutionized the Airline Industry?


A stewardess with an iPhone 4, which sports one of the best cameras available on mobile phones, saved a flight from being delayed and my mother was proud to share the story.

Having worked for AA for 25 years, my mother has seen her share of delayed flights. She knows the lengthy and complicated procedures involved in speeding a flights safe departure and the consequences of a delayed flight for the passengers, employees and the airline. A delayed flight also wreaks havoc on other flights, airlines, passengers and even the airport since its passengers must be moved to other flights, planes re-scheduled and luggage re-routed.

It turns out the tire on an American Airlines flight from San Pedro Sula, Honduras to Miami, Florida was found to be less than perfect for a new flight completion. This meant the flight would be delayed until a replacement tire was found. Tires wear out as any other part on an airplane does and the physical appearance can tell a lot about a tire’s remaining flights. But in order to evaluate the tire, the technicians must actually inspect it, right?

There is more than one way to skin a cat! That is exactly what this one stewardess thought when she quickly turned to her iPhone and snapped a couple of pictures of said tire! Te pictures the local station had been sending to the technicians were of such low quality that it was impossible to determine with any level of certainty whether the tire was indeed too worn out to complete one last trip. The iPhone’s picture quality however, was just what the technicians needed to inspect it and clear it once again!

And so the delay was averted, reschedules were unnecessary, no reroutings to calculate and no broken family promises to regret!

And Apple didn’t even need an app for that :). Kudos Steve!


Author: marskoko

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3 thoughts on “Apple Revolutionized the Airline Industry?

  1. #ThankYouSteve! Oh yeah, and… Mental note to myself to find an airline with more sophisticated safety guidelines than a stewardess’ mobile phone! I bet the passengers were glad it was the missie’s day off! 😀

    • Missie’s?

      As for the Safety Guidelines, American’s as well as most if not all other’s, call for a visual inspection of the tire tread to determine it’s wear. Just as with any sophisticated medical or other procedure, a high resolution imaging device is required to transmit this information to other technicians for corroboration. Every station has a camera assigned for this purpose. In this case though, the US technicians required a better “look” at it and the iPhone’s camera and connectivity proved to be a better choice.

      So take heart in knowing you are flying with World Class Safety Guidelines & Record Airline 🙂

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