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What Mel Zelaya did for Honduras

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He forced a policy of annual minimum wage revisions which businessmen have began to take more seriously as evidenced by the recent 2-year agreement in January of 2012.  This is what government is supposed to do and he set the wheels in motion because in the past minimum wage revisions were few and far between and when they were agreed upon, they were a joke (3-5ppts below inflation) and even if they were agreed upon, businessmen rarely implemented them and the Secretary of Labor never did anything about it.

Im right of center and I had operating costs affected in the company I work for, just like everyone else.  But you know what, in the end, my workers are happier and Im sure they are much more loyal.  Thats what its all about, without capital investment there is no labor, but without labor there is no capital growth.
So even though I was happy to see him go, because those extreme leftist ties were going nowhere good, fast…when people ask me what he did for Honduras, I say:
“He gave labor a hand, a reason to lift their heads up high!”  And doesn’t everyone have a right to feel good about themselves and their hard work!?

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