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Politics in LatinAmerica

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Turmoil in Ecuador today! I’ll tell you, I’m glad the US approved of our Transition of Power or Impeachment of the Zelayan Administration because today I wouldn’t be writing this article. We would be under the same regime as in Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador etc!

But all that aside, it makes me sick to my stomach and afraid for my family’s future to think of what they will endure in a country ruled by a greedy and corrupt business elite that keeps hoarding all wealth around their socio-economic and ethnic class (ethnic because in Honduras the business elite is dominated by a particular ethnic group, arabs of Palestinian decent).

This makes me think, although right-capitalist on belief, that our systems don’t work at all. When you think about it, political-economic systems are the most static and retrograde of all humanities. Even religion has evolved more than the aforementioned systems. If we were to plot human systems on a line, political-economic systems would be on the most conservative, non-evolving extreme and on the other end we could probably place the Internet and its companies that must evolve everyday and in so many ways just to stay alive.

I was recently reading how the US is beginning to interfere in how free the Internet can be in order to fight piracy and counterfeiting. It’s amazing how people can come together and go before a law-making group of people to
ask for such freedoms but we are unable or unwilling to go before them and challenge the way we are governed.

In that respect the US is so far behind. They are so afraid to challenge the current form of government. Why can’t a group of people question how they are governed? What parts of a certain political-economic system are working and which parts are tearing a people apart and must be changed!? Furthermore, they condemn other countries that DO exercise that sovereign right.

I think if we invested 1/100 of the money we invest on Internet research on political-economic research to try to find a better system or simply modify and adapt mal-functioning parts of the existing ones, we would be better off!


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